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What is the Small Business Index?

The Small Business Index is a monthly numerical estimate of the challenges and opportunities facing small businesses.  The Index measures business conditions from the viewpoint of the small business owner or manager. 

A higher number reflects a greater chance for small business success.  The model was tested with eight years of annual historical data to give it a basis for comparison.  Calendar year 1997 has been designated as the base year, with an Index of 100.0.

What does the Index measure?
The Index includes 14 different factors that influence small business success, including such data as the unemployment rate, retail sales, personal income, bankruptcies, and the strength of the regional economy. 

Each factor carries a different impact rating to reflect its relative impact on small business success.  As new data is made available, the model is updated to calculate a new monthly Index number.  Any revisions to previous data are also incorporated into the model. 

For which states is the Index available?







How often are the Indexes released?
The Small Business Index is updated and released monthly.

Where can the information be found?
All Indexes are released to the local media in each state.

Colorado Small Business Index

Idaho Small Business Index

Utah Small Business Index

Who developed and maintains the Index?
The Small Business Index was developed and is updated and maintained by Jeff Thredgold, President of Thredgold Economic Associates, with Kendall Oliphant and Shawn Thredgold assisting.

Who Sponsors the Indexes?

Colorado Small Business Index

Vectra Bank Colorado

Idaho Small Business Index

Zions First National Bank

Utah Small Business Index

Zions First National Bank

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