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Topics and Programs

“My message is of value to everyone, as we are ALL consumers, taxpayers, and business people. Also, we ALL share concerns about education, job quality, and the future of entitlement programs for ourselves and our families.”

Issues Covered in Each Presentation:

The future course of the U.S. economy
The labor markets
The value of education
Inflation or deflation?
The direction of interest rates
The competitive position of U.S. companies
Financial markets
The global economy
The changing nature of retirement
Technology advances
Issues facing your industry
Issues facing your region

Keynote and Breakout Programs:

The Economy...What’s Up?
Jeff takes his audience on an entertaining, informative, and humorous “tour” of the U.S. economy, financial markets, education, employment, the global economy, government, and the future.  A review of major political issues & personalities is featured.  Plenty of time for Q&A is included as well.

U.S. Economic & Financial Outlook…2015
An entertaining, informative, and humorous “tour” of the U.S. and global economies, financial markets, education, employment, retirement, and more. Jeff provides a clear and focused picture of what’s happening in the economy and how it affects the future of your finances or your industry. Plenty of time for Q&A is included as well.

Money & Music (visit the Money & Music web site)
Looking for something new for your next luncheon or dinner event or client function? Money & Music is a distinct and engaging program that combines the talents of Jeff Thredgold with his wife, pop violinist and recording artist Lynnette Thredgold. First, Jeff takes your audience on a fascinating and humorous tour of the economy and financial markets, revealing critical insights and dispelling common myths along the way. Then enjoy the incomparable musical entertainment of Lynnette, playing a passionate and energetic blend of pop, classical, Latin, blues and jazz—all on the violin. This dynamic duo might be just the ticket for your next special occasion.


Many clients use Jeff for a keynote presentation AND a “breakout” session or panel participation.

Please contact Jeff at 801.450.9131 to check availability and pricing for Jeff’s customized presentation for your next meeting.


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